Ugly Quiz to Beautiful Quiz

Submitted by Yogendra Pal on Thu, 05/21/2015 - 11:38

Most of the teachers are not good in editing documents. When it comes to creating a complex document like survey, quiz or any other kind of forms teachers find themselves helpless. In this video I will convert a simple quiz to a beautiful quiz.

Teachers generally make simple looking quiz that looks ugly after printing. Some common problems in the documents are:

  • No proper indentation,
  • Questions are not aligned with each other,
  • Too much space left on the paper,
  • Choices are not properly arranged,
  • Wrong use of spaces, tabs and enter

I took one simple quiz made by a teacher and edited it to show you how you can edit the quiz next time. Above image shows the quiz before editing and the image below shows the quiz after editing.

Quiz before editing
Quiz Before Editing
Quiz after editing
Quiz after editing

Please leave your comment and let me know whether you like to video or not. Also let me know if you want to learn something else.

The instructional video that shows the procedure is given below. You can use this video yourself or give it to your assistant who will make quizzes for you.