Rapid Elearning - An E-Learning Blog Every Educator Must Follow

Submitted by Yogendra Pal on Sat, 10/19/2013 - 13:26

This is the first post on this blog and I want to offer something valuable to my readers. So In this blog I will talk about an another blog that I recommend to every educator when I meet one for the first time.

Rapid E-learning Blog

I am talking about the Rapid eLearning blog(link is external). This blog is one of those that I am following since I came into the eLearning business. This blog is hosted by Tom Kuhlmann(link is external).

The best thing about this blog is that it gives practical, real-world tips for e-learning. In this blog you will find the knowledge that you can instantly apply to your e-learning projects. Doesn't matter whether you are a manager, developer, designer or a subject matter expert of an e-learning team, you will surely find practical tips on this blog.

I came to know about this blog when I was searching the web for the tips to make good PowerPoint presentation. Once I landed here I couldn't stop myself to read more and more blog posts. Most of the examples in this blog are related to PowerPoint only because Tom uses PowerPoint not only in teaching but also in planning and graphics designing for eLearning projects.

E-learning is an area where we need an all rounder. If you want to join this industry you should be all rounder too. This blog is also not limiting to the tips on PowerPoint but also gives practical tips on instructional design, scenario building, managing e-learning projects, visual and graphic design and utilization of audio & video.

At the time of writing this blog post there were total 80,691 feed subscribers of this blog. I am sure by the time you will be reading my blog post some more subscribers must be added to the list. I am also sure that once you start reading this blog you won't be able to stop yourself to subscribe this blog.

I am a big fan of this blog and I am certain you will find it useful as well. I will be glad to know about the blogs or websites that you recommend to educators or instructional designers. Please write about them and your opinion in the comments.