Next Time use Snipping Tool to Take Screen Shot of Desktop and Annotate it

Submitted by Yogendra Pal on Tue, 10/22/2013 - 13:20

Sometimes we need to capture whole computer screen or a small portion of it. I think every teacher knows the trick-

  1. Press print screen [prnt scr] button,
  2. Open any photo editing program,
  3. Paste it, and
  4. Edit as per your requirement.

Sometimes this simple process of taking screen shot becomes time consuming and makes us dependent on some proprietary or heavy software. Most of the teachers use MS Paint to edit the screen shot and some use Photoshop.

Today I will tell you about a tool that is made especially for taking a screenshot and annotate it. This tool comes free with windows 7 and windows 8 operating system. This is known as 'snipping tool'. You can find it in windows accessories menu.

Snippint Tool
A snapshot of snipping tool

You can take a screenshot of full-screen, a particular window, any portion of screen in rectangular shape or a by selecting screen in a free-form manner. This utility saves time in cropping the required portion because you can choose the required portion at the time of taking screen shot.

After taking screenshot you can annotate it with the pen or highlight some portion using highlighter. If you use a pen-tablet or touch screen PC you can write some instructions in your own handwriting as you can see in the image given below.

You can even share the annotated screen shot with your students using email, right from this tool itself.

Although there is not much to know about this tool but if you still want to know more visit this link. 

I use it frequently. If you know any other tool to take screen shot that makes a teacher's task easy please share it in the comments.