Make Interactive Web-Based Exercises using Hot Potatoes

Submitted by Yogendra Pal on Sun, 10/20/2013 - 13:32

How can I create web based exercise or quizzes for my students? This question is very common among the teachers who want to incorporate technology in teaching.

I was also seeking answers to this question when I was new in the educational technology arena. I found a very useful software that I use frequently and recommend to others also.

In order to use this tool you don't need to know any programming language. The exercises build using this tool are compatible with W3C standards. This tool is freeware but not an open source.

Anyone with basic knowledge of computer can use it. This tool is known as "Hot Potatoes".

Hot Potatoes, a software that consists six authoring tools for teachers. Using this tool you can create five different types of web based exercises. Using the sixth authoring tool you can combine all exercises together.

Let's take a look at each authoring tool to get an idea where and how you can use it.

  1. JCloze: You can make fill-in-the-blanks exercise using this tool.
  2. JQuiz: Use this tool to make a short answer type or multiple choice questions. 
  3. JMatch: Create matching exercise using this tool.
  4. JCross: You can create crosswords very easily using this tool.
  5. JMix: You can make a jumbled sentence exercise.
  6. The Masher: This tool doesn't offer the creation of any new kind of exercise. Using this tool you can build a sequenced index of exercises that you made with all other five authoring tools.

I strongly recommend you to visit this link to see example exercises made with Hot Potatoes. This will give you an idea to use Hot Potatoes in your next eLearning project.

Once you made an exercise or a sequence of exercises using 'The Masher'. You can use them directly on your blog or website. If you are an advanced user, you can also make SCORM object and use them in any Learning Management System.

I recommend this tool not only to the teachers but parents also. In fact every school, coaching center should use this tool to convert all text book exercises into web based exercises. This will make education more interesting for the students.

What are you waiting for? download Hot Potatoes now and start using it.

I hope this knowledge is helpful to you. Please leave your suggestions or questions in the comments.