Epic Pen - A must have tool for teachers

Submitted by Yogendra Pal on Fri, 12/04/2015 - 10:06

Do you want to make "khan academy" style videos? Khan academy style is "write on screen" and make a screencast of it.

You can buy a digital #PenTablet like Wacom One, HUION, iBall, Genius EasyPen etc. To use these digital #PenTablets you need software. There are lots of software that allow drawing using these digital pen tablets. #SmoothDraw, #SketchBook, #OpenSankore are the famous examples of these software. These software are being used by the teachers around the globe.

Sometimes we want to draw anywhere on the screen, not only inside the software environment. Software like #SmoothDraw, #SketchBook don't allow this flexibility. These tools are great and suitable for different use cases but not when you want to draw anywhere on the screen.

I need to draw on the computer screen to teach how a computer program works. After searching for the tools, I found #OpenSankore suitable for the job. Although there is one limitation in #OpenSankore, the limitation is you can either work on computer or draw on the screen; you can't do both things simultaneously. This problem makes me keep searching for a perfect #tool for the task.

My search stops after I found Epic Pen. This tool allows me to draw on the computer screen and continue the work without deleting the drawing from the screen. This tool is small in size (3.3 MB only) and #freeware. I have tested this tool with Wacom Intuos, iball and genius easypen pen-tablets, and it works great.

It allows you to draw and highlight anywhere on screen with the 5 pre-defined sizes and 16 different colours. It also has an eraser, undo and clear screen options that make a teacher's life easier. One #screenshot button is also available that can be used to capture the whole screen and save it as a picture. You might want to capture the screen to provide notes to your students.

Its previous version was horizontal and taking a lot of screen space, but the new version comes in a sleek vertical design. It covers a small portion of the computer screen and rest of the screen is available for us to use.

#EpicPen has become my first choice to draw on the computer screen. If you are using any other tool, please let me know in the comment so that others can take benefit of it.